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Climate change is upon us, and it’s only a matter of time before it comes full circle and takes over Earth as we know it. The more eager we are to find ways on how to make our lives easier, the more Mother Earth suffers. Everything is electronic nowadays as we seem to hate doing things manually. But we have to know that our natural resources can and will be depleted over time.

Since most of the gadgets, tools, and equipment that we use rely on electric power to function, we must find better options to power up these devices, and what better way to acquire electricity than to utilize solar energy? Not only is solar energy free, it’s also more sustainable and definitely eco-friendly.

Eco warriors have been campaigning for the utilization of solar panels that can provide us with electricity and help us get by without hurting our environment and sacrificing our remaining resources. We can’t continue to rely on the energy that our electric power grids generate knowing what the future consequences will be.

Because of this, scientists and engineers try to create as many solar-powered devices as they can with various designs and functionalities to suit our every need.

What is a Solar Panel Tree?

The most traditional way of getting energy from the sun is through solar panels that are usually mounted on a roof or elevated surface where it can get more sunlight exposure. It is imperative that these panels absorb as much sunlight as they can get to produce enough charge and electric power. But what is another way of getting sunlight energy without the need to go up a skyscraper to install photovoltaic panels?

One type of solar cell that seems to be gaining popularity these days is what they call a solar tree. Trees by nature are already solar-powered of course, as they get food and nutrients through the light particles of the sun. A solar tree is no different though.

It imitates a tree while gathering energy from the sunlight. Unlike conventional sun-powered cells that are mounted on a roof or positioned in a tilted manner on the ground, a solar tree is connected to a pole with two or more branches, much like a tree.

This type comes in different shapes and designs depending on its purpose and the number of panels that it will carry. Most solar trees can be seen in open areas and spaces such as parks, walkways, or gardens. It is a type of ground-mounted panel, but it’s much higher up on the ground. These trees can serve as a shade and add beauty to its surroundings with its artsy and creative styles and features.

A solar panel tree does not only serve as an energy generator; it’s also made for aesthetic purposes. One good example of this is the famous Super Tree found in Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore. These towering “trees” are elegantly designed and effectively gather solar energy to produce electricity for both lighting and water facilities within and around the city.

Solar trees have the same components as the basic solar panels that we’ve been using since their inception. It still uses photovoltaic cells made from polycrystalline or monocrystalline, which absorbs light from the sun that charges batteries and produces electric power. And since it’s mostly mounted on high and thick poles, it is highly efficient in acquiring solar energy being that it’s more exposed to the sun.

Benefits of Solar-Powered Trees

While it is true that solar trees are aesthetically pleasing, there is much more to it than just beauty. It has gained its well-deserved popularity due to the fact that it works great and serves its purpose well. You will appreciate it more as we cite and discuss the other benefits that a solar power tree can bring.

  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space

Solar trees are pole-mounted. This means that the space it occupies on the ground is very minimal compared to conventional sun-powered cells where you have to dedicate a certain area for the installation of the panels.

  • Solar trees are eye-catching

Due to their artistic designs and structure, one cannot simply ignore them. These trees come in different shapes and colors that you just have to look up when you come across it. Some engineers design these panels to look like actual trees with lots of branches, and the panels are wide enough to protect people from the heat of the sun.

  • It is flexible and efficient

Not all establishments or buildings have a large space on the roof for mounting solar panels. By using a solar tree, the user has the option of installing it outside. Most of these trees can be provisioned for two or more panels, which means that one tree can provide much more clean energy without occupying too much space on the ground or roof.

  • It shows great support and effort to go green

More and more influential people from large businesses are now paying close attention to our environment and the damage we have already inflicted on it as time goes by. Thankfully, more establishments and companies opt for solar power gathered by sun trees to provide electricity to their buildings and other infrastructure.

  • It educates people about the great benefits of going solar

Installing more solar trees can help more people to know what solar energy is and how it’s going to help save Mother Nature in the future. The more visible these trees are, the more people will appreciate its cause and it may even convince them to consider getting solar panels for their homes as well.

Solar Tree vs Solar Panel

Some would say that a solar tree and solar panel are almost the same. While this is true, there are a few differences between the two that can help you determine which one suits you better. Yes, both of these two options use a panel or two that absorbs the sun’s heat that in turn produces electric power. But the differences between the two is its overall appearance, installation process, and functionalities.

Traditional solar panels have to be secured either on the roof or mounted on the ground using metal racks to keep them in place. Solar trees, on the other hand, are mounted and secured on a single standing pole. Conventional sun-powered panels that are ground or roof-mounted only have one purpose, and that is to gather enough light and solar energy to provide electricity to a home.

Solar panels trees have two or more functions. Some of these trees are installed with built-in benches where people can sit as the panels serve as a roof or shade. Some trees have light bulbs on them to provide light during the evening while others even have power outlets where people can charge their phones or tablets while being protected from the sun’s heat.

These things are what makes a solar tree unique and more functional, aside from the fact that its designs are intriguing and innovative. For people who like both functionality and aesthetics, solar trees are surely the winner.


If you want to go green just like many others who have already followed this path, there is one thing that can get you one step closer to helping nature survive, and that is by using solar energy. As long as the sun rises and sets every day, we can be assured that we can utilize its power to live our day-to-day lives with ease and comfort.

The use of gases, fuels, and other natural resources is already causing destruction to our environment and ecosystem. We can help by using the limitless power of the sun to change the world as we know it now.

Why not start by getting a solar tree? Yes, it might not be cheap at the beginning, but you can be assured that it will be worth every penny. Investing on a solar tree or solar panel can make a huge difference in our lives. Solar trees can provide power, shelter, and elegance that not all solar energy generators can provide.

We will be provided with clean, free, and sustainable energy for a long period of time without depleting our life savings in the long run. This will also help to secure our children’s and other generations’ futures by keeping our natural resources intact. How incredible is it to think that we can get unlimited power without hurting or damaging its source?

These reasons should be enough for all of us to give this idea a second thought. After all, what will happen if the world we live in crashes down upon all of us because of the things we’ve been doing wrong to it? That’s scary and is something that we definitely don’t want to happen in the near or distant future.

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