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solar smartflower

Paying for electricity bills is a huge strain on households all over the world. However, many people now depend on the solar Smart Flower to power their homes. Well, it is a state-of-the-art technology that leverages photovoltaic solar power devices to absorb and convert solar energy into electricity. Just continue reading to learn more about this fascinating technology.

What Is Solar SmartFlower?

Invented by SmartFlowerTM Energy Technology GmbH in 2010, a solar SmartFlower or smart flower is sunflower-shaped photovoltaic equipment capable of generating power. It absorbs the sunlight and converts it into energy for domestic and commercial purposes. Just as the name suggests, its solar panels are shaped like “petals” as seen in flowers in nature. It continuously turns in the direction of the sun, where there is intense sunlight, and captures the rays to convert them into energy.

It goes without saying that this energy converter has a self-cleaning mechanism, meaning that you do not have to keep cleaning it. The innovation is easy to assemble, so you do not have to hire a professional to help you assemble or set up the components. Once set up, this system improves the aesthetic appearance of the surrounding area.

Some of its key components include solar panels, wiring, batteries, and other components that enable the freestanding system to generate and store electricity. The entire structure measures about 194 square feet with a diameter of 15.5 feet (with the petals fully extended). Obviously, it has numerous benefits. However, it will only provide supplementary power to some very large homes as you will learn later.

How Is It Different from Other Solar Options?

how is it different from other solar options? - solar smartflower

While the SmartFlower solar system is relatively new to the energy market, solar panels have been there much longer. In this segment, you will understand the distinctions between the two solar options.

  1. Self-servicing function: When it comes to having some self-functioning features, SmartFlower is in a league of its own. Unlike the solar panels of today’s market, the flower-like models can clean themselves and retract at night. Additionally, the petals protect themselves during high winds.
  2. Aesthetics: Another factor that makes them head turners is that they enhance the good looks of your environment or home. In other words, they do more than energy generation, as the technology makes a strong statement with its colors and stunning build.
  3. Ease of use: Unlike the solar panels that require an expert technician to install, you may not necessarily need a pro to assemble them. This is because SmartFlower delivers an all-in-one system that comes preassembled. No doubt, this is a plus.
  4. Efficiency: Thanks to the GPS dual-axis solar tracker, it can rotate to trap more sunlight by moving through the four cardinal points. Alternatively, many US solar panel makers install traditional solar panels to face one direction, but the sun changes direction. Furthermore, the rooftop systems have 5–10% yield losses.
  5. Mobility: Solar panels are fixed on rooftops, making them impossible to move. On the other hand, it is pretty easy to move the flower-like solar energy generator if you wish to change its location from the front yard to the backyard and vice versa.

SmartFlower Main Features

There are certain features that drive this energy-generating system. This segment will discuss them in detail.

  • Smart tracking: The SmartFlower systems have both single and dual-axis trackers. While the former maintains one axis movement (from east to west), the latter moves through all the four cardinal points. With this feature, the plug-and-play equipment can track and store enough sun to meet your energy demands.
  • Smart cooling: Another striking feature is its smart cooling. The system has a ventilation mechanism that keeps its module up to 18 oF cool. It improves system efficiency in no small measure.
  • Integrated battery: At the heart of this system is the battery that enables it to store energy. According to the Austria-based manufacturer, some of the batteries can save about 6–13 kWh of energy when they are fully charged. By and large, it can generate 2.5 kW of power at the peak of sunlight.
  • Smart safety: Well, the system has sensors that keep monitoring wind speed. Once the speed hits 54 km/h, it automatically folds to avert possible damage. But then, the appliance retracts to the position it takes at night when the wind speed intensifies to 63 km/h or more.
  • Smart cleaning: The petal-like panels fold up whenever the wind increases or in the evening. Well, what happens afterward is self-cleaning that includes brushing away debris unaided. It saves you the stress and time of doing it yourself.   

SmartFlower Cost and Efficiency

smartflower cost and efficiency - solar smartflower

If you wish to acquire the system, you should budget about $25,000–$30,000. No doubt, that is a lot of money. But then, you should consider the value you get from it. The cost per watt is about $6.25–$7.50, with an average price of $6.75. Depending on the part of the world you live in, the system can produce about 3,400–6,200 kWh every year. According to studies, an average European home consumes about 3,500 kilowatt-hours (kWh). In the United States, an average home consumes 10,600 kWh each year.

Here is the catch; this technology can meet the energy demands of an average EU home while it allows US homes to significantly reduce power bills by 40–60%. It is impressive that the company provides a 25-year warranty for solar cells and a 10-year warranty for its inverter. With a dual-axis sun-tracking feature, it is capable of trapping 40% more sunlight than the traditional solar panels. This is a mark of efficiency. You should consider all these factors before taking the plunge.

Pros and Cons of Solar SmartFlower

Here are the pros and cons of the SmartFlower technology.


  • Is a self-serving system
  • A renewable and eco-friendly energy source
  • Easy to install and move about
  • Very efficient
  • Improves the appearance of the surrounding environment
  • Has a superb safety mechanism with its ability to self-retract because of high winds


  • Expensive
  • Does not generate enough energy to sustain some US homes


Let’s face it; most people consider the cost of these systems before installing them. However, one thing you should always have in the back of your mind is that the SmartFlower solar system is a long-term investment. Interestingly enough, the company gives a 25-year warranty for solar cells and a 10-year warranty for its inverter. Whether you live in the United States or Europe, you will realize that you have significantly reduced your power cost upon investing in this innovative technology. Give it a shot!

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