Solar Panels Cost

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? The American national average solar panel cost is $3.05 per watt although it is possible to pay as little as $1 per watt (or even less) for budget models.   Consider these facts. The average size of a solar system in the United States is 6 kW. A system […]

Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar Panel Efficiency Solar panel efficiency ratings are currently between 15% to a maximum of 22%. The higher the efficiency rating, the more energy your panels are going to be able to produce. Here are some of the factors that affect solar panel efficiency. The location of your solar panels The tilt angle of your […]

How Much Do Solar Panels Save?

How Much Do Solar Panels Save You? The average savings you will make on your utility bills per year are roughly $1,390 based on an average kWh cost of $0.13. This is based on an average U.S. household using 10,694 kilowatt hours per year. The average cost of installing a solar system in the U.S.A. […]

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