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There is no denying that the climate of the world has changed. The summers are relatively hotter, and the winters are seemingly crueler. This could be a result of the continuous technological revolution of the past few decades. This also means that the demand for energy has increased substantially to keep homes comfortable and living conditions more tolerable.

Homes require electric fans or air conditioners much longer during the summer. During winter months, heaters and electric fireplaces need to be turned on for a few hours longer. With the increased energy demand, the result is rising energy prices. It is therefore helpful that the demand for energy is addressed by finding other energy sources that are cheaper and renewable such as solar and hydro energy.

This article will explore a method of collecting solar energy, which is one of the most popular and most practical forms of energy. Specifically, it will discuss the solar carport, one of the many ways solar panels can be utilized to harness energy. It will explain what this solar panel arrangement is and what its benefits are. It will also tackle the public and commercial solar carports and compare these types.

What Is a Solar Panel Carport?

First of all, what is a solar panel carport? You know well that a carport is a covered structure that provides partial protection to vehicles from sunlight, rain, or storms through a makeshift stand or a wall attachment. It can be an alternative to having a fully built garage.

However, it can serve another purpose aside from protecting your vehicle. It can also serve as a foundation for attaching solar panels to be utilized as an energy source for your home. The panels are composed of photovoltaic cells, which means that they absorb photons from the sun and produce energy to be used as an electricity source.

This panel installation can be compared to ground-mounted solar installations. However, carport-installed panels offer greater height and often a better angle for the panels to receive sunlight. With the large surface area of the overhead canopy of the carport, it can accommodate several solar panels. This can really help if your roof does not have space for enough panels to power up your entire home.

Once the panels are installed on the carport, they can be connected to the electrical system of the house to power up household devices. They can also be utilized to charge electric cars, which can be convenient and beneficial.

Just like regular solar panel installations, building solar carports can also provide tax incentives to residents in certain states. One of these states is Massachusetts. There is also a potential tax deduction of up to 30% of the amount spent on the solar panel system if it is purchased through a qualified provider.

The amount of energy that a carport with solar panels can generate may be dependent on three factors: the geography of the residence, the amount of sunlight generally received by the location throughout the year, and the angle of the roof of the carport. South-facing carports will have better chances of receiving ample sunlight to generate more electricity.

With good quality high-efficiency panels such as monocrystalline ones, the solar panel system can generate even more power, which will be more than enough to power the entire home. These, among other factors, influence how productive the system can be. However, there is no denying that the yield of the panels can reduce energy consumption from the grid.

Main Benefits of a Solar Carport

In the previous section, we have explained what solar carports are. In this section, we will talk about their advantages. First, it is a wise use of space. Imagine having a carport and then also ground-mounted solar panels. This would mean that your yard’s space will be taken up by two space-hogging structures when you could just have one and reap the benefits of both.

Second, it can provide you energy savings and a reduction in your utility bills. If you have enough solar panels, you may not even need to pay for electricity anymore and may get rebates for giving back to the grid because of the good solar energy production. This also means that you will not be fully dependent on the grid for energy. You will not be affected by power cuts and will not need to travel just to get your electric car charged.

Having a carport solar panel installation next to your home can also provide you with tax benefits and credits. Most states applaud residents who use solar energy and provide tax incentives to encourage more people to do the same. This is, of course, besides the fact that you give back to the planet by reducing your carbon footprint and your non-renewable energy usage.

This type of installation also costs less than regular roof installations, which means you can save a few bucks for the same purpose. Since they are much more reachable and accessible than panels on the roof, they can also be easily maintained and cleaned when needed.

If your roof fails to accommodate your energy needs with the space it has, carports provide an extended solar panel space, so you can go fully solar. Truly, it offers so many advantages. Plus, your car is well protected from the scorching heat, heavy rains, or strong winds.

Finally, having a solar panel-covered carport can raise your home’s value should you decide to sell it in the future. It also makes it more attractive to potential buyers who applaud earth-friendly initiatives.

Public and Commercial Solar Panel Carports

We have already talked about residential solar carport types, and they can really help reduce home utility fees. Solar panel carports are not only used for residential purposes. They can also be used for public or commercial needs.

Commercial solar panel carports are often built on parking lots. This, therefore, allows for the protection of more than one vehicle and provides more space for additional solar panels. Commercial ones are often owned by private companies to generate additional income while saving on electricity costs. This type may not qualify for federal tax credits, but they can receive state or local government incentives.

However, commercial ones may cost more because of materials. Most commercial solar panel carports will be made with a steel foundation. One of the most well-known companies that has transformed their parking spaces into solar panel carports is Intel. Their California campus is said to produce 8.7 megawatts. Additionally, their Chandler branch can provide approximately 7.7.

Public solar carports can be found in government facilities. They are sometimes built for schools, churches, sports centers, and office parking spaces. They offer similar benefits as those of commercial ones except they may collect payment for the usage of the parking spaces. In this case, the purpose of the solar panel-covered carport is to generate energy savings and use saved costs for purposes other than utility bills.

These eco-friendly structures also provide aesthetic value to the space and speak of good branding and reputation for the organization that owns the solar panel carport. They also become attractive to electric-car owners and can be a good influence on other businesses.


The world is changing and so are the needs of its citizens. With the depletion of fossil fuels, it is no surprise if we soon run out of resources and are left with no choice but to find alternatives. Luckily, the world’s thinkers are ahead of their time by developing ways to harness power from another source. With the unlimited energy of the sun, we can get free energy for decades to come by investing in the initial installation. It is an investment that will truly be rewarded if made.

One way of utilizing energy from the sun is through solar carport kit installation at home. With this, one’s vehicle/s can be protected while making use of the home’s yard space efficiently. The carport can also be used for charging electric cars or motorbikes or can even be hooked up to the house’s electrical system to be used to power up household appliances.

This is in addition to the fact that they do not cost as much as regular roof installations yet provide similar tax incentives for going green. This is a really great way to cut expenses, reduce one’s carbon footprint, and help the planet preserve its resources.

For commercial or public spaces, park-and-go spaces are made more exciting, attractive, and income generating. This is because the structure’s electrical bills may be reduced (or even eliminated) with an ample number of solar panels to cover the building’s energy needs.

This also provides a good reputation for the company because of their eco-friendly choice. So, whether you are considering the energy needs of your house or business, make the wise decision and transform your regular carport into a power-generating solar carport today.

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