Smart Solar Box Review

smart solar box

Name: Smart Solar Box
Created by: Ryan Tanner
Popularity: More than 17,341 people purchased the program
Money-back guarantee: 60-day
How much it can save? About 68% of electric bills
Order: Visit Site

Buying solar technology is expensive, and the truth is that millions more people would have it already if they could afford it. Luckily, there is another way. Are you looking for an effective solar energy solution without having to break the bank? The Smart Solar Box system has been designed for you.

Our Smart Solar Box review is going to tell you all about this revolutionary system and why it is easily the most cost-effective way to go solar out there. If you are ready to start making enormous savings, reduce your emissions from fossil fuels, and never have to worry about relying purely on the grid again, then read on.

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What Is Smart Solar Box?

The Smart Solar Box is a PDF program designed for those who want to use solar energy without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on buying a commercial solar energy solution.

In fact, you will only need roughly $200 for all of the components, and then you are going to be able to cover up to 68% of all of your electricity bills. Just one charge of the box will give you 18–20 hours’ worth of use.

The Smart Solar Box guide provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to build, maintain, and ultimately reap the rewards from your own home solar system. Even if you are not great at DIY projects, the guide explains everything so well that you will be able to access solar power even if you only have a basic understanding of how the technology works.

By following each step of the guide (which includes text, instructional images, and easy-to-follow videos), you will be able to create your own set of solar panels along with a solar battery.

When combined, they will be able to feed your utilities and allow you to break free from the grid. This is going to lead to enormous savings and reduced stress in the process when you do not have to live at the mercy of energy companies anymore.

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Who Is the Creator?

who is the creator? - smart solar box

Going further, you now meet the brain behind this whole DIY technology. He is none other than Ryan Tanner, a trendy mechanic. Nonetheless, the original idea came from his father, who used his battery to produce AC. Afterward, it gave out twice as much power as the charge time.

Tanner refined and implemented this concept when a disaster struck his area, leading to a power outage. Later, he ensured that his device reflects his commitment to helping people lead a richer life by lowering their power bills. Today, people search “Smart Solar Box hoax” all over the internet because some of them find it difficult to believe.

However, Tanner’s reputation makes this whole device feasible and real. It is noteworthy that the brainchild considers this program most ideal for disaster-stricken communities without power. Whenever those situations leave their unfortunate trails, this device can save the day.

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How Does It Work?

Once you purchase and study the content, you will better understand the system. It works by charging solar panels with batteries. The solar panel gets its energy from the sun and passes it onto the batteries. The batteries will be used to power the entire home.

When a battery is charged, it can last for 18-20 hours. In other words, the battery is almost enough to sustain the home that day. If you live in a cozy apartment, a small panel of 20 sq. ft. is okay for you. The device holds charge via solar panels and the sun charges the panels, meaning that you have no business economizing energy.

Furthermore, the energy principle the eBook promotes is that if you fully charge your battery, it can retain 70% of its electrical power for 19-21 hours. When you have assembled it, it absorbs solar energy, converting it into electrical energy for domestic use. The most interesting part is that its components are readily available at any mom-and-pop store. You can get the manual online and start generating your own energy.

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What Is Included in the Program?

smart solar box contents - smart solar box

Having come thus far, you already a clue what to expect in the Smart Solar Box. However, there is even more. The outlines below explain what you should look out for upon purchasing the instructional guide.

  • Chapter One: This is the introductory section, so it explains the basic principles of solar energy. The process takes place through photovoltaic effects. While giving some technical details, it sheds light on the fundamental mechanism of energy conversion.
  • Chapter Two: This chapter focuses on the tools and components included in the program. To be honest, you may have to get standard household tools to install the system at a snap of the fingers. These tools include a screwdriver, hammer, etc. More importantly, this chapter emphasizes the two main levels of installation difficulty.
  • Chapter Three: Here, you will learn the four major segments: Assembling solar panels, preparing the box, wiring process, and recap. While the first three segments focus on how to get the system running, the last segment (recap) summarizes it.
  • Chapter Four: Congratulations! You have fully assembled the system at this stage. Now, this is the point where you have to test it. You can use a multimeter, touch, and other electrical tools for testing the device.
  • Chapter Five: Well, this is the last chapter. This chapter details the list of places you can buy the essential components.


These Are the 5 Basic Components:

  1. Lightweight Solar Panels: To get the system working, you will need a 50-watt solar panel. It is important to get a compact panel because you need to set up this power-generating device even though you live in a small town. Therefore, you can always rely on compact panels to do a good job.
  2. Car batteries: A car battery is another essential component of the system. That said, you will need two or more big car batteries to set up the system. Alternatively, you can choose a solar battery in place of car batteries because they are more affordable.
  3. Solar charge management panel: To be clear, this Smart Solar Box review is incomplete without a mention of the solar charge panel. You should opt for one that comes with adjustable power ratings and multiple USB ports to get the best result. Ensure that the device gives you security information such as low voltage and overcharging.
  4. 800-watt Inverter: This is crucial as it connects the electric inverter to the battery, thus transforming the solar energy into a usable form of energy. Therefore, while looking for an inverter, ensure that it has this rating with incorporated electrical safety, too. You will save yourself some money when you use an inverter with cables.
  5. Well-built battery enclosure: Last but not least is the battery enclosure, which many users consider the most important part of the entire system. This is a portable, compact, and well-built toolbox. It plays a vital role in charging all other materials in the setup mix.

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What You Get When You Buy This Program

To be crystal clear, the perk you get when you purchase this program is everything you need to set up the device as detailed below:

  1. A 41-page manual: First, you will get a DIY manual that explains how to set up the system in no time. You should follow the clear-cut outlines to get started.
  2. Video tutorials: If you are a visual learner, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The reason is that included in the package is a video tutorial that breaks all of the procedures down for you. How awesome!
  3. Bonus – 10 Easy Steps to build your solar panels: Here, you see the required outlines to build even much bigger system if the solar box’s output is below your energy demand. You can use it to create larger solar panels for your domestic use.
  4. Bonus – Build your own wind generator: If you have always dreamed of building your wind generator, this guide will make that dream come true. Yes, this segment will help you assemble it and reduce your power bills significantly.


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Pros and Cons of Using Smart Solar Box

pros and cons of using smart solar box - smart solar box

Pros of the program:


  • Affordability

You don’t have to break the bank to assemble it because the units don’t cost more than $200. Beyond questions, it is a must-try.


  • Easy to understand

You don’t necessarily have to be a solar technician to assemble the entire device because the clear-cut outlines are easy to grasp. You should get it working in less than four hours.


  • Money-back guarantee

Another fascinating thing about the technology is that you get your money-back in 60 days if it does not work for you. But guess what, it actually does.


  • Availability

The thing is, you don’t have to search so hard to get its parts because they are readily available. Just check with the designated stores close to you or your next-door electrical store.


  • Saves money

To be crystal clear, the Smart Solar Box plans to help you reduce your power bills up to 68%. Afterward, you can use that money for other things that matter to you.


  • Legal

You won’t break any local laws when you tap into solar energy because it is an eco-friendly solution. So, feel free because you don’t need any form of special regulatory approval to use it in your locality.


Cons of the program:


  • Softcopy

The program doesn’t have a hardcopy but only an electronic material.

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Smart Solar Box FAQ

Here are the answers to some questions you may want to ask.


  1. If this device works well, how come many people don’t use it?

To be clear, over 17,341 families are happily using this system, but they don’t advertise that they do. So, quit searching for a Smart Solar Box scam all over the Internet because it is no scam.


  1. Is it difficult to set up?

Most people reported that it took them less than 4 hours to assemble. Alternatively, you can pay $50 and get someone to help you with it after watching the video.


  1. How long does it take to watch the step-by-step video?

Watching the complete video takes about 30 minutes. You can watch it several times if you find any section confusing. Don’t sweat it as the how-to video is straight to the point.


  1. Must I use it in disaster-affected regions?

No, you must not. The device serves as an alternative source of your regular power supply.

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There you have it, you have seen that Smart Solar Box helps you generate your power and reduce your bills. If you are still wondering if it is a scam, it is not; this unbiased review has proven that beyond any reasonable doubt. For instance, thousands of families use it to meet their energy needs; sure, this is a plus. So, stop prostrating and try it today!

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