Power Efficiency Guide Review

power efficiency guide review

Name: Power Efficiency Guide
Created by: Mark Edwards
Popularity: More than 17,000 people purchased the program
Money-back guarantee: 60-day
How much it can save? Up to 60% of electric bills
Order: Visit Site

The Power Efficiency Guide is the one-stop solution you need if you are looking for a way to erase up to 60% of your electricity bills while ensuring that your family is not constantly at the mercy of the grid in order to meet their power requirements.

What makes the Power Efficiency Guide different from other DIY programs is the fact that absolutely anybody really can pick it up and follow it. In today’s Power Efficiency Guide review, we are going to explain how the program works, who created it, and who is going to benefit from using it the most. Read on for everything you need to know. 

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What Is the Power Efficiency Guide?

what is the power efficiency guide? - power efficiency guide review

The Power Efficiency Guide is a one-stop DIY energy solution that provides you with all of the information you need to be able to build an electricity generator at home using an array of incredibly cheap components.

Once in place, this generator will allow you to completely cut out roughly 60% of your electricity bills every month. To give you a better idea, the average American electricity bill is in the region of $115 per month, meaning that the average savings you will make when using this guide will be around $69 for life. You will also be able to power your home forever regardless of whether the grid is up and running properly in your area or not.

The program information is presented in the form of a professionally compiled eBook that clearly presents the steps and knowledge required to build the generator in an accessible enough manner that pretty much anybody will be able to understand and follow the system with ease. Not only that, but there are plenty of visuals to assist you as you progress through each step of the construction process.

When you combine these elements with the accompanying videos that show you exactly how each stage of the construction should look, it is safe to say that even if you have zero knowledge about this kind of thing, you are going to be able to succeed in fulfilling the program criteria. 

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Who Is the Creator of the Power Efficiency Guide?

The creator of the Power Efficiency Guide is a man named Mark Edwards from Memphis, Tennessee, who is a geography teacher by day.

What led to the creation of the program was a horrific power outage in 2015 when the Mississippi river flooded, leaving Mark and his family without power. This event combined with the fact that he was paying significantly more for his electricity than was reasonable encouraged him to search for a solution.

This solution came in the form of his late uncle. His uncle had been a mechanic and incredibly important figure in the up-and-coming electric car industry. It was through accessing his diary and notes that Mark stumbled upon the centuries-old spinning method that is used to generate electricity using simple components and spinning gears.

He took his uncle’s notes and worked closely with an old colleague of his uncle to create the Power Efficiency Guide so that everyone everywhere could construct their own at-home generator and liberate themselves from the grid for life.

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How Does the Power Efficiency Guide Work?

The Power Efficiency Guide is based on science, but it certainly is not rocket science. The simple method that lies at the heart of the program is a process known as spinning, where mechanical components spin around a series of magnets and generate energy that can then be converted into electricity.

The items needed to create the spinning system can be purchased for an incredibly cheap price and in most instances can even be sourced for free from a local junkyard. Some people have been lucky enough to pay the $49 program fee and not a penny more after acquiring the guide.

Here are some of the common components you will need to build the system.

  • A flywheel
  • Rotors
  • An alternator
  • A DC motor
  • Gears with included sprocket chains
  • A battery

Once in place, the system can generate enough electricity to cover 60% of your electricity bills month on month, year on year. While this cost-saving element is one of the main selling points, the fact that your generator is independent of the grid means that if you experience any power outages after it has been installed, then they are not going to affect you.

Not only will you save money, but you will totally grid-proof your home. When others lose access to their utilities during blackouts, you and your family are going to be able to stay snug and warm. What is even better is that your carbon footprint will be reduced too. This is because you are not going to be relying solely on power plants to generate the energy required to run your home from now on.

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What Is Included in the Power Efficiency Guide?

what is included in the power efficiency guide? - power efficiency guide review

It probably goes without saying that for $49, you are not going to get a prepackaged power generator that you can unpack and plug in. Instead, you are buying the knowledge required to build your own electricity generator.

Here is what you are going to get for your money.


The Power Efficiency Guide eBook

The included 60+ page eBook perfectly streamlines and refines every bit of the information that Mark and Jason tirelessly worked to piece together in order to allow any homeowner to construct their own at-home power generator.

The information is designed to speak to people who have no prior technical knowledge when it comes to mechanical components because they know that their audience is not likely to be very technically skilled in this area. The steps are very easy to understand, and the information provided is not full of technical jargon. It is really easy to pick up, read, and follow from the moment it has been downloaded.


Over-the-Shoulder Videos

Even though the information and illustrations in the book have been pieced together to make them as easy to follow as possible, some people just respond better to videos. This is why Mark has provided 9 instructional videos that show exactly how each stage of the construction process is supposed to look from start to finish.

Combined with the book, these videos will ensure that regardless of how confident you are at DIY tasks, you will easily be able to piece the system together without much stress. Once it has been constructed, you can start using it in as little as 15 minutes.


Lifetime Electricity Bill Savings

From the moment that your DIY generator is first turned on, you are going to start saving roughly 60% on your electricity bills every month for the rest of your life. This will equate to around $830 per year.

Some people have even been able to save more, but it all depends on your energy consumption. Still, considering the program cost will be as little as $49 and at worst, perhaps around $200 if you have to buy the components, that is an absolute steal. If you are lucky enough to find a Power Efficiency Guide free download, you might even get away with not paying a penny for the information required to build your own generator.


A Life Free of the Grid

Having to rely solely on the grid for power can be an absolute nightmare when things go wrong. As many of us experience year after year, power outages can be seriously stressful events. They quite literally put a stop to almost everything that we do when they arise.

Sometimes, power outages can even have devastating consequences in some unlucky scenarios. This is why it is so great to be able to build something in your home that has you covered when the grid goes down.

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Power Efficiency Guide Bonus Content

power efficiency guide bonus content - power efficiency guide review

As part of your Power Efficiency Guide download, you will receive lots of free bonus content in addition to the main program. If you decide to download the program for free, then you will not be able to access any of these great money-saving bonus features.


Bonus 1: Saving Power Saving the World eBook

In this eBook, you will discover the impact that excessive power consumption has on the planet, and from it, you will be able to take away some incredibly impactful knowledge that will positively affect how you conduct your day-to-day energy usage.


Bonus 2: The Money-Saving Tips for Families Guide

This convenient guide will show you some easy-to-implement tips that will lead to immediate cost savings for you and your family. They are all practical and simple to follow as part of your everyday life.


Bonus 3: 15 Top Ways to Save Money

This guide will show you 15 really useful, practical, and impactful ways that you can make significant cost savings in your day-to-day life through making some simple changes and smarter decisions.


Bonus 4: The Guide to Going Green and Saving at the Same Time

In this guide, you will find 115 ways to go green and clean up your energy consumption. This is going to help you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and be kinder to the planet while also saving a substantial amount of money in the process.


Bonus 5: The How to Be Environmentally Friendly eBook

This eBook will show you how to be more environmentally friendly by making a few simple changes, and it ties perfectly into the entire ethos of the Power Efficiency Guide teachings.



About the Money-Back Guarantee

Even though the program is incredibly cheap, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Mark is so confident about the program’s ability to deliver in every area promised that he will ensure that every penny of your money is returned to you if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

Simply get in touch via the main website within 60-days of your purchase and state that you wish to be issued a full refund as you are not seeing the benefits that you would expect from using the program. Following this, all of your money will be returned.

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Who Is the Power Efficiency Guide for?

who is the power efficiency guide for? - power efficiency guide review

Realistically, this program is for everybody. If you want to make enormous savings on your electricity bill while also ensuring that you do not have to worry about power outages ever again, then the Power Efficiency Guide is going to meet your every need.

The program is going to allow you to build your own at-home power station, meaning that if you live in a remote location or encounter unexpected natural disasters, your home will never be without power again.

Not only that, but if you have been struggling to pay your electricity bills, then as soon as the generator has been built, you will be able to make immediate savings of up to 80% on your monthly electricity costs. The energy that you produce is also going to be greener and safer for the planet because it does not rely exclusively on power plants.

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Main Benefits of Using the Power Efficiency Guide

As part of our Power Efficiency Guide review, we are now going to make you aware of all of the main benefits that you can expect to achieve through putting the teachings of the program to use in your home.

The most obvious starting point is the fact that you are going to save lots of money. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a Power Efficiency Guide free download, then you may actually pay nothing for the system. Otherwise, there will be a $49 program fee, and with the additional costs of some of the components on top, you might pay as much as $200 in total for a system that will save you roughly $70 per month for the rest of your life.

The next benefit is the fact that you will no longer have to rely exclusively on grid power. Interestingly, one of the Power Efficiency Guide complaints is that it does not make you completely grid-free, but this is actually a good thing. It means that you have a backup available. The best DIY systems are set up in this manner to guarantee power sustainability.

Less reliance on power plant-generated grid power means that you are also significantly reducing your impact on the ozone layer. To be precise, you will be able to reduce it by anywhere from 60–80% when using the Power Efficiency Guide.

Thrown into the mix is the fact that maintaining your system is going to be just as cheap as building it. This is because all of the components required to construct the system cost very little or can be found for free. This means that if any aspect of your generator gets damaged, you will be able to make repairs for very little money while encountering very little stress in the process.

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Pros and Cons of Using the Power Efficiency Guide

We are now going to run through the various pros and cons of using this immensely popular program so that you can make a fully educated decision about whether this is going to be the right DIY energy system for you.

Let’s start with the pros:


  • It Is Really Easy to Use

This is truly one of the only DIY energy programs that really is suitable for everybody. You need virtually no mechanical or technical knowledge whatsoever in order to be able to make use of the provided information.


  • It Is Highly Efficient

Provided you follow every single step to the letter, then the generator that you construct is absolutely going to allow you to save 60–80% on all of your future electricity bills without fail.


  • It Is Very Cheap

With a free download, you might be able to pay absolutely nothing, but if not, you will only have to pay the program cost of $49 or a maximum of around $200 all-in if you have to buy the separate components.


  • It Will Save You Lots of Money

With savings of up to an average of $70 per month, the savings you are going to be able to make on your electricity bills are comparable to those provided by solar panels. This is no small feat for a program that could cost less than 1/100th of the cost of a home-based solar panel system.


  • It Will Protect You from Power Outages

Because you are not solely relying on the grid, you will never have to worry about power outages and blackouts again. Your at-home generator will still power your home even when the grid fails you.


And now, let’s consider some of the cons of the program:


  • You Will Have to Build It Yourself

For some people, the fact that they are going to have to build the system themselves is a serious drawback. Regardless of how easy it is to construct the system, for some people, DIY is not an option, and they will want a system that is prepackaged.


  • It Will Take Roughly 3 Hours to Construct the System

In reality, this is more of a pro. Considering the immense benefit that this system offers, three hours is really a very small amount of time to spare. However, if you absolutely cannot spare three hours, then this is clearly going to be a massive obstacle to you being able to make use of the Power Efficiency Guide.

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Power Efficiency Guide FAQ

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the Power Efficiency Guide.


  1. Is the Power Efficiency Guide legit? I have heard about some Power Efficiency Guide complaints, and I am worried that it will not work.

The Power Efficiency Guide is completely legitimate. Provided you follow all of the included information, you will find that it really does deliver savings of 60–80% per month on your electricity bills while also allowing you to power your home off-grid.


  1. How much does the Power Efficiency Guide cost?

You can currently download the Power Efficiency Guide for $49 directly from the Power Efficiency Guide website.


  1. How can I get Power Efficiency Guide blueprints?

You can get all of the Power Efficiency Guide blueprints and information by downloading the program directly from the website.


  1. How does the Power Efficiency Guide work?

The Power Efficiency Guide works by directing you with step-by-step instructions on how to build your own at-home power generator by making use of simple mechanical components including flywheels, rotors, and motors to establish your own always-on off-grid energy source.

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In summary, it is hard to find a reason why everybody should not stand up and take notice of the Power Efficiency Guide. This is a hugely accessible program that delivers in absolutely every area promised.

Unlike many of the other DIY systems available, this is a truly one-size-fits-all program. Regardless of whether you have no mechanical knowledge or expertise whatsoever or are an expert, you will be able to construct the system nonetheless.

After a mere three hours, you will be able to put your system to use within 15 minutes of putting the final components into place. Following this, you will never have to worry about another blackout or overpriced electricity bill again. What are you waiting for? There is no better time to take control of your electricity than now.

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