Electricity Freedom System Review

electricity freedom system review

Name: Electricity Freedom System
Created by: Rich Lubbock
Popularity: More than 72,666 people purchased the program
Money-back guarantee: 60-day
How much it can save? Up to 80% of electric bills
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The Electricity Freedom System allows you to liberate yourself from relying on grid electricity while saving a considerable amount of money in the process. It can be constructed by pretty much anybody, anywhere from the comfort of their own home for a minimal (possibly even zero) financial outlay.

If you are currently paying far more than you should for your electricity bills and are sick of the lack of reliability of grid-based power, then you are probably going to love the idea of the Electricity Freedom System as it effectively resolves these two major issues.

Over the course of this Electricity Freedom System review, we are going to tell you all about the system, how it works, who created it, and why we think you will absolutely love it if cost savings and reliable electricity are two of your priorities. Read on for everything you need to know!

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What Is the Electricity Freedom System?

At its heart, the Electricity Freedom System is a program that when followed directly, will allow the user to cover roughly 80% of their utility bills while ensuring that they never have to rely solely on grid power again. The Electricity Freedom System is constructed using objects that you will easily be able to source in your local junkyard and may even have on hand already in your home for free.

This means that the upfront costs of building the system are incredibly minimal. We are talking in the region of a maximum of maybe $150–$200 if you have none of the items needed.

These components are then used to create a generator and two converters that can supply your home with a constant stream of electricity no matter what is happening with the grid. This means power outages will never be an issue again. In the process, the average $115 electricity bill paid by most American homes is likely to become more like $40 for life.

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Who Is the Creator?

who is the creator? - electricity freedom system review

The system was created by a renewable energy researcher named Rich Lubbock. Through Rich’s daily work, he has developed and analyzed an extensive array of renewable energy systems and sources and through this, realized the immense practicality and power that they offer. After a considerable amount of time and effort was spent contemplating how he could help the everyday homeowner to access renewable energy practically and safely, he finally devised the Electricity Freedom System, which is based on a centuries-old spinning method.

From here, he managed to create a full-fledged, all-encompassing process that requires extraordinarily little technological knowledge to understand but allows a person to build a highly effective power-generating system with ease from the comfort of their own home.

He understood that the majority of people who were interested in a program like this would not have much knowledge but that they ultimately wanted to be able to save money on their bills, provide power for their families without having to worry about power outages, and all the while, spend as little money as possible. He certainly managed to achieve this.

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How the Electricity Freedom System Works

For those who are currently typing queries like the Electricity Freedom System does it work and will the Electricity Freedom System save me money into their favorite search engine, we are going to ensure that you are able to buy this program with the total confidence that it will deliver on every area promised by giving you some insight into the functionality of the system and why it is so effective.

The Electricity Freedom System uses spinning technology developed in the 1800s to generate energy using a series of magnets and a revolving mechanism that circulates at high speed. This energy is then fed into two homemade converters. One of these converters produces gas, whereas the other produces electricity. This means that you are able to successfully cover roughly 80% of your overall household utilities through using them both at once.

In the next section of our Electricity Freedom System review, we will explain a little more about the process behind building these converters and the kind of components that you will actually need, but it is safe to say that for most people, these objects will be freely available or will likely be easy to acquire for a minimal outlay. This means that pretty much anybody can access the benefits of this program regardless of their budget.

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What You Get with the Program

what you get with the program - electricity freedom system review

As the program only costs $49, it probably goes without saying that you were not expecting to receive a full-fledged, self-sustaining electricity generator that you can conveniently unpack and install in your home. Instead, what you are purchasing is the knowledge and information required to build the spinning unit and energy converters required to power your household utilities from scratch.

These are the items that you will receive for your $49:

  • The Electricity Freedom eBook, which has been designed as an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that will allow virtually anybody to piece together their own Electricity Freedom System with ease.
  • A series of audiovisual presentations that will cater to any type of learner. These segments of the program have been designed with effective and practical information about the Electricity Freedom System construction process along with visual steps that will allow you to see exactly what your system should look like at each stage of its construction as you progress.
  • A series of blueprints with all of the technical information you could ever need to be able to effectively construct the system from scratch.
  • Professional construction videos that effectively combine with the audiovisual content provided to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to making sure that you know precisely how absolutely every stage of the EF construction process should function and develop.

If you stick to the steps that are provided to the letter, it is going to be virtually impossible to get the construction process wrong as long as you have at least a little technical construction knowledge.

All of the items required to build the system can either be found in your local junkyard, in and around your home, or for a very minimal outlay. For example, some people have paid around $150–$200 for the components needed to build the system. They include but are not limited to these items.

  • Screws
  • Adhesive
  • A vent hose
  • A thermometer
  • Insulation
  • Plastic tarp
  • Wood
  • Hay
  • Various mechanical components (usually sourced in a junkyard)
  • Sticks
  • Weeds

Some of the above items might seem a little “out there” (hay and weeds for example), but that is because they are intended for use as an energy source as opposed to being used for the construction of the converters themselves.

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Who Is the Electricity Freedom System for?

Technically, this program is for absolutely anybody. This is because its ultimate purpose is to allow anybody, anywhere to make savings of up to 80% on their utility bills while providing their home with a stream of constantly renewable and always available energy regardless of whether the grid is up and running effectively in their area or not.

It is safe to say that if we could, all of us would probably put our hands up and say that we wanted to achieve these end results. The main area to consider for anyone who is querying whether this system actually works is not whether the system will actually provide savings and sustainable energy once in place but is more about whether you can actually build it or not.

As such, one of the negative aspects of this program is evident when we take a look at the level of technical skill required to build the system. Sadly, this is a more advanced and multifaceted system than some of the other DIY programs out there. Largely, this is because it covers both your gas and electric needs whereas other systems mainly focus on one or the other. As such, you will need at least some technical knowledge in order to be able to understand and piece together the Electricity Freedom System.

Before you start to look for an Electricity Freedom System free download or proceed to pay for the program, you should be honest with yourself and determine whether or not you have ideally an intermediate level of mechanical and engineering knowledge. If not, you could easily lean on a friend or family member who does for some assistance.

Provided you have some reasonable understanding of the mechanics behind the Electricity Freedom System, then it is safe to say that you will have no problem at all constructing it out of raw materials. Remember, you can always look online for other EF users and ask them for advice too.

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Main Benefits of Using the Electricity Freedom System

Below are the main reasons why so many people are raving about the Electricity Freedom program.


  • Huge Long-Term Cost Savings

For most people, this is going to be the most attractive benefit of the Electricity Freedom System. The average American home spends around $115 per month on electricity alone, with some spending far more. When you add the cost of gas and water heater use into the mix, suddenly that figure can shoot up well in excess of $200. That is around $2,400 per year.

Through using this program, you could save up to 80% of your bills. If we use the above figure as an example, this means that you could save a total of $1,920 per year. Over 10 years, that is $19,200. When you could achieve these kinds of savings, it is pretty crazy to think that the most you might pay to construct the system is the $49 program fee or maybe a maximum of $200 on components.


  • More Reliable Utilities

We have all experienced it before. When the grid fails you, you are quite literally left powerless. The beauty of the Electricity Freedom System is that no matter what, you are going to have access to the power you require to sustain your home effectively. This is because the converters and generator at the heart of the program can sustain themselves. Power outages will be a thing of the past.


  • Very Cheap or Zero Upfront Costs

At the very most, you may pay around $200 for the individual components needed to create your system. At best, you will simply be paying $49 for the program cost unless you happen to stumble across an Electricity Freedom System free download.

Considering how much you will save over time, these upfront costs are virtually nothing. If you are capable of constructing the system effectively, then the question you need to ask yourself is whether you can afford NOT to build it.


  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions

For those who possess the limited knowledge required to build the Electricity Freedom System, the instructions are incredibly easy to follow. They will find that in no time at all, they will have a fully operational off-grid power system installed in their home. This is one of the clearest, most concise, and most professionally made DIY energy programs available, and those who are able to use it will find the construction process incredibly easy. The instructions make it virtually impossible to fail.


  • The Electricity Freedom System Money-Back Guarantee

Included with the Electricity Freedom System is a 60-day money-back guarantee that will provide you with 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied with the product once you have constructed it. All you will need to do is contact customer support. They will be glad to help by issuing you a refund if you are not getting the level of functionality out of the system that you had expected.

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Pros and Cons of Using the Electricity Freedom System

Despite all of the benefits, as with any program, there are some negatives too. First, let’s take a look at the pros of the Electricity Freedom System program.


  • You will make enormous long-term cost savings.
  • It is very easy to build with a little technical knowledge.
  • The upfront costs range between $49 to $200 at the most.
  • You will never have to worry about a power outage again.
  • You can sustain the Electricity Freedom System using naturally abundant items like hay, weeds, and wood.
  • The included program materials will cater to any type of learner, making it easy for anyone to construct the system.
  • Most of the materials necessary to construct the system are available for free in your local junkyard or at home.

Now, here are a couple of negative elements that you might want to consider.


  • You will need to ideally have intermediate mechanical and engineering knowledge to be able to build the system.
  • As it is a DIY construction, the system will never be as convenient as a prepackaged product.
  • You will have to sustain the system once it is in place (though the materials required to sustain it are freely available in nature).
  • It is possible, however unlikely, that you could sustain an injury during the construction process if you do not follow the instructions. Alternatively, you may even cause damage to your home.

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Electricity Freedom System FAQ

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the Electricity Freedom System.


  1. Does the Electricity Freedom System really work?

Yes, it does. If you follow the instructions closely, then you really will be able to save up to 80% on your utility bills.


  1. How much does the Electricity Freedom System cost?

The Electricity Freedom System costs $49 for the program, which will provide you with the instructions and blueprints necessary to construct the system. The total cost of all the materials required to build the system should be no more than around $200 on average.


  1. Is the Electricity Freedom System hard to construct?

You will need a modest amount of engineering and mechanical knowledge to build the Electricity Freedom System. As long as you have this, it is actually very easy to build.


  1. How much will I save with the Electricity Freedom System?

You may save up to 80% on your annual utility bills. This could lead to savings of around $1,920 per year.


  1. So, does the Electricity Freedom System work, or is it a fad?

The Electricity Freedom System definitely works if you follow the instructions and construct it in the correct fashion. Provided you do, it will prove to be a highly efficient way of making long-term cost savings while ensuring that you do not have to rely solely on grid power to sustain your home.

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Overall, the Electricity Freedom System may be the best DIY program out there for providing your house with sustainable, off-grid electricity that will lead to enormous long-term cost savings. Although a little technical knowledge is required to construct the system, ultimately, it will not only reduce your utility bills once in place, but it will also alleviate some of the stresses that come with relying solely on grid-based utilities.

$49 is a small price for the monumental time and effort that have gone into developing the program. You can expect to be very satisfied by the time you have constructed the finished product. All that is left is to start reading the eBook and following the instructions. A brighter energy future awaits you.

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