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easy power plan

Name: Easy Power Plan
Created by: Ryan Taylor
Popularity: More than 17,000 people purchased the program
Money-back guarantee: 60-day
How much it can save? About 50% of electric bills
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The Easy Power Plan is a package with invaluable information on how you can create your own power source yourself. It describes, in painstaking details and steps, how you can come up with your own power source at a drastically reduced cost, thereby boycotting unreasonably high electricity bills.

This revolutionary guide was created by Ryan Taylor, a 45-year-old school teacher with the help of a team of mechanical engineers, and they came up with a manual explaining how to build a power-saving generator and how it can effectively supply electricity. Let us move on to more details about this guide and how much benefit you can get from it.

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What Is Easy Power Plan?

The Easy Power Plan is a digital program designed by Ryan Taylor and a team of engineers to help you reduce the cost of electricity and become energy-independent to a great extent. It was created for individuals who are interested in developing a reliable power plan that is straightforward to follow through with and can be built just about anywhere at a very minimal cost.

The main crust of this program is the power generating device. With it, you can cut down on the cost of electricity to about 50%. The interesting thing about this device is that anyone can easily build it from scratch without spending much. You can save money by sourcing for some of the items for this project from your garage or at a junkyard.

The Easy Power Plan generator functions based on the “power principle,” which is the same as what you see with vehicles. It does not cost much to buy this plan. You can get it at a slightly higher price from the vendors, but if you take the time to visit and purchase from the official website, you can get it at a 50 to 60% discount.

As for the device itself, it is highly affordable to set it up from scratch even if you have to buy the items. According to the designer, the items required for this construction are so common that you can easily find them in a junk yard.

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How Does the Program Work?

easy power plan - how does the program work?

When you purchase the plan, you will get information about every item, where you can get the items, and how you should put them together to construct the generator from scratch. You get to work with a step-by-step digital guide explaining how you can create an effective power source at a reduced rate.

Included in the Easy Power Plan are video tutorial, illustrations, and detailed instructions. You also get a list of all the items you would need for this construction. Most of the materials can easily be sourced in a junkyard for free or at a cheap rate.

How does the machine work? The Easy Power Plan machine works based on the science of electromagnetism, referred to as dynamo. It employs the endless power principle, the same as what you see with electric cars.

Once the generator is up and running, it employs a process known as “overunity,” which multiplies electric power by 600%. This sounds too good to be true, which is why some people think it is an Easy Power Plan hoax. With the level of energy generated, you can efficiently run multiple electrical appliances at a time.

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What Is Included in the Program?

When you purchase the program, you will have automatic exclusive membership that allows you to access the member’s area. In this area, you will be offered everything you need to build the power system and 24-hour online support to help you sort things out if you ever get stuck.

You will receive a video tutorial and an Easy Power Plan PDF guide with the following information in it.


  1. Introduction
  2. Tools and materials
  3. Modules
  4. Mounting device
  5. Test
  6. Useful sites for components

Video tutorials

  1. Tools and components
  2. Building boil
  3. Building rotor
  4. Finalizing coils and rotor
  5. Coils and rotor assembling
  6. Control board assembling
  7. Coil connection to control board
  8. Final assembly
  9. Testing


bonuses - easy power plan

  1. Money-back guarantee

Just in case you are wondering if the positive Easy Power Plan review is real, you do not have to. Go ahead and purchase the plan, and if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you are free to take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee.

  1. Go green and save green at the same time

This guide contains information on how going green can save the planet from the harmful effects of pollution as well as how it can save you some money. Not only is it cheap to invest in eco-friendliness, it is also a great way of saving money.

  1. Money saving tips for families

The focus of this mini-publication is how to cut electricity cost to the barest minimum, but it also gives great insight on general money saving skills most suitable for families. It is expressively written, detailed, and comprehensive, and has only 15 pages in all.

  1. How to be environmentally friendly

This one has 23 pages in all, and is focused on how you can reduce the consumption of energy to save some money. It also presents the technique of organic gardening and other natural therapies.

  1. 15 top ways to save money

If you take the time to go through this 67-page publication, you will learn how you can save money on your insurance, care loans, and mortgages. The content does not particularly deal with energy, but the information is relevant and invaluable.

  1. Saving power – saving the world

This is a free 34-page guide that comprehensively explains renewable power sources and how you can benefit from them. It has 10 chapters in all.

Other free items you get when you purchase this plan include:

  1. Meyer magnet motor
  2. Electric lighting history
  3. Reducing energy waste
  4. Spin power generator guide
  5. Taclite – one of the best-selling tactical flashlights
  6. Biopower revolution
  7. Power form smith generator

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Who Is the Creator?

Ryan Taylor is the creator, a 45-year-old Memphis-based geography teacher that took it upon himself to find a better way to maximize the use of electricity at a drastically reduced cost. In his defense, the electricity companies do not implement the latest technological advancements in power production. As a result, the cost of energy is always on the increase and the level of reliability is not satisfying.

His idea was to come up with a system that can generate efficient power at a reduced cost and top-notch reliability. He gathered a team of mechanical engineers who helped him achieve this. It took a lot of hard work and there were plenty of challenges along the way, but at the end of the day, his exclusive product came to life and attracted massive and positive easy power plan review inputs.

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What Are the Features of Easy Power Plan?

what are the features of easy power plan? - easy power plan

The general feature of this program is to eliminate dependency on electricity companies as much as possible. We broke it down in the section below for better understanding.

  • Works with conventional power source

The idea is to reduce dependency on conventional electricity companies, not scrap them off completely. The generator is powered by traditional power sources that enable it to employ the process of overunity, which in turn multiplies the power capacity by up to 600%.


  • Cheap to set up

Unlike other alternative power sources, you do not need to spend a lot of money to set up this generator. The truth is that if you have the time to search the junkyards, you may find every item you need to set this up and would end up spending little or nothing. Aside from being so cheap to set up, it also makes your electricity bills cheaper by 50 to 60 percent.


  • Simple construction

You do not have to worry if you do not have a lot of technical skills to set up this generator. This is because it is such an effortless procedure – no high-tech methods and no heavy lifting. All you have to do is to religiously follow the instructions on how to construct the generator and you will be good to go eventually.


  • Eco-friendly

This is a 100% environmental-friendly exclusive machine. It does not make use of fuels, emit any type of waste, and is not noisy. So, it is highly convenient and eco-friendly.


  • Low risk of accidents

You do not have to worry about the safety of anyone around this generator as long as they do not tamper with it unnecessarily. To avoid this, you may want to set it up in a location that that is inaccessible to kids and pets. It is worth emphasizing at this point to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instruction when constructing the generator for guaranteed low risk of accidents.

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Pros and Cons of Using Easy Power Plan

pros and cons of using easy power plan - easy power plan

Main pros of using Easy Power Plan:

  • Cost-effective

With a small budget, you can have one of these machines up and running to your benefit. The cost of buying exclusive membership to the program is quite cheap as well as the cost of the items you need to set up the generator.


  • Straightforward to install and dismantle

Installing this machine is quite technical but not difficult at all. As long as you follow the instructions as listed in the manual, you would not have issues with the installation.


  • 24/7 guaranteed customer care

As long as you have bought this plan, you automatically have access to 24/7 prompt customer care service that helps you through every step of the way as you construct and install the generator. They are also available to help you out if you have any issues with dismantling or maintaining the generator.


  • Awesome bonuses

Investing in this program gets you great bonuses worth hundreds of dollars. This includes a free e-book on how to save money, free updates, a 60-day money back guarantee, and video tutorials.


  • Cuts down electric bill

This plan cuts down electricity bills by 50 to 60%.


  • Unlimited accessibility

The program as well as the resources are online-based, and as such, are wildly accessible to anyone from any part of the world.


Main cons of using Easy Power Plan:

  • May be risky

If the generator is not placed out of the reach of animals and kids, it may pose a source of risk to them.


  • Takes time to function

You have to wait for some time for the machine to generate enough heat before it can function to its full capacity.


  • Only soft copies

The guides are only available in soft copies, so if you need a hard copy, you need to get ahold of the soft copy and print it out yourself.

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Easy Power Plan FAQ


  1. Is Easy Power Plan legit?

This program is 100% legit. According to statistics, close to 2,000 people invested in this plan shortly after it was launched, and this number is continually increasing. On that note, there is no such thing as easy power plan scam if you make your investments through the right channels.


  1. Can the generator function on its own?

Nope, it cannot because it can only generate power when it is connected to electricity, without which it cannot work. The idea with this plan is to reduce the cost of electricity by 50 to 60 percent, not to cut it off entirely.


  1. Can I get free electricity with the plan?

Yes, you can. This means that you have to totally boycott the electricity companies and install a solar system that can supply the generator with the required electricity to run.

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It is a good thing that various eco-friendly energy sources are available these days compared to the past. This invention by Ryan Taylor, as you can see, is one of the best of them all. It has proven to be quite helpful in enhancing the lives of its users considering that it is renewable, cheap, and reliable.

The most interesting aspect of this plan is that it was obviously made not to rip people off of their money. The inventor did not mass produce the generator to sell to the people and make huge profits from it (as most people would have done).

Instead, he chose to share his invaluable knowledge in the form of a publication at a very affordable rate for anyone who cares. Take this golden chance and invest now before the price skyrockets in the future.

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