DIY Home Energy System Review

diy home energy system

Name: DIY Home Energy System
Created by: Jeff Davis
Popularity: More than 42,119 people purchased the program
Money-back guarantee: 60-day
How much it can save? Up to 75% of electric bills
Order: Visit Site

The DIY Home Energy System is easily the most comprehensive self-build energy resource out there. You will be able to go almost completely off-grid and cover 80% of your energy bills for life simply by following the advice provided in the pages of the guide.

We have created the king of all DIY Home Energy System reviews to give you the scoop on precisely how this system works, what it is going to do for you, and ultimately why you should spend your money on it. Read on for a lifetime of enormous energy savings.

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What Is the DIY Home Energy System?

what is the diy home energy system? - diy home energy system review

The DIY Home Energy System is an all-encompassing program that has been designed to allow you to build solar panels and wind turbines at home using cheap, freely available components that will ultimately allow you to save 80% on all of your energy bills for life.

It has been designed to cater for people with very limited technical knowledge, meaning that it is going to be accessible to most people. The average electricity bill in America is around $115 per month alone, and when you factor other energy forms into the mix, this figure shoots up significantly.

By following the guidance provided in the pages of the DIY Home Energy System eBook, you will be able to establish a system that not only saves you hundreds of dollars per year but also safeguards you against power outages. Then, you can sustain your home even when the grid goes offline.

All of the information in the guide is based on flawless, time-tested science, meaning that you will never have to stress about your energy again once the system is in place.

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Who Is the Creator of the DIY Home Energy System?

The system was devised by a man named Jeff Davis from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Like many of us, he grew tired of paying too much for his energy bills and decided that he wanted to develop a system that would help him to reduce them considerably.

After teaming up with a solar panel expert named Tim that he had known for a while, the two were able to effectively devise the DIY Home Energy System to cater for not only Jeff’s energy needs but also the energy needs of every average American family.

Together, they have helped more than 42,000 families to reduce their energy bills by up to 80% all over the world. The program is being used extensively as we speak, and both Tim and Jeff are always working towards new and improved energy solutions and ways to improve the existing program content.

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How Does the DIY Home Energy System Work?

Yes, this program absolutely does work. This is because it is based on solar panel and wind turbine technology at its heart, which are both proven and time-tested means of generating power at home independently of the grid and making enormous cost savings in the process.

Solar panels absorb photon rays being emitted by the sun’s core and redistribute them as usable electricity using built-in power inverters. Because they only require the sun to operate, this means that they are endlessly renewable and provide a stream of always-on energy.

Wind turbines are similar in that they rely purely on the wind to generate power. As there is a constant and steady stream of wind throughout the year, you will be able to store and access renewable energy with ease. Through using both forms of power generation simultaneously, you are effectively covered from every angle.

The system shows you how to build your own solar panels and wind turbines using cheap materials that you may even be able to find for free at your local scrap yard. As such, you will be able to construct your own at-home power plant for a fraction of the cost that you would pay if you had this technology professionally designed and installed.

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What Is Included in the DIY Home Energy System?

This program is multifaceted, and when the core content and bonuses are combined together, you are genuinely covered from absolutely every angle. Here is a rundown of what you are going to receive for your $47 when you download the system.


The DIY Home Energy System Guide

The main guide has been designed in such a way that the information presented is incredibly easy to follow. Along with the included images, no stone is left unturned when it comes to showing you exactly how to piece your system together with ease. The included information caters to every learner type.


Step-by-Step Tutorial Videos

The included tutorial videos combine perfectly with the written information and images to provide an all-encompassing guide that is incredibly easy to follow and entirely practical. There is no confusing terminology, just immediately applicable steps and advice that you can put to use straight away.


A Complete List of Tools and Resources

Included as part of the content is a list of the tools that you will need to piece the system together and all of the resources required to build it from scratch. The guide even tells you where the best places to shop are if you want to get these items as cheaply as possible.


Lifetime Updates

As technology and components evolve over the years, Jeff and the DIY Home Energy team are on standby to ensure that you are able to work with them to enhance your energy production. As such, the original guide is always being updated and will forever be kept current. You will always have access to these updates if you buy the system.


Lifetime Support

Alongside the lifetime updates, you will also gain access to lifetime support for free too. This means that if you ever have any questions about the program, you can just fire them over to Jeff and the team, who will always be happy to help.

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DIY Home Energy System Bonus Content

As if the core content were not enough for your money, you are also going to gain access to the following bonus content free of charge.


The Solar, Wind, and Battery Bank Sizing Calculator

Calculating your energy requirements precisely can actually be quite difficult. By using this guide, you will be able to get this crucial aspect right and calculate them exactly so that you can cover at least 80% of all your energy requirements using your new DIY Home Energy System.


The Wind Turbine Program

This guide will show you how to build your own wind turbine for around $190. If you have ever looked into commercial wind turbines, then you already know that this is outrageously little money to gain access to this kind of technology.


DIY Solar Heater and Oven Guide

This additional guide will show you exactly how to build an at-home water heater and purifier along with an oven that has enough energy to cook raw foods and is powered purely by solar technology.


The Advanced Power-Saving Guide

This guide will provide you with practical and easy-to-follow information that will allow you to use 35% less energy when followed. This will actually help you to make further savings in addition to those already projected when following the DIY Home Energy System.

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Who Is the DIY Home Energy System For?

This program is primarily for anybody who wants to reduce their monthly home energy bills considerably. If we are being honest, almost everybody would rather be paying less for their energy consumption, meaning that this is a pretty universally useful system.

While you will save hundreds of dollars per year through adopting the program’s principles, the other amazing benefit of using this program is that you will no longer have to rely exclusively on the grid for your energy.

If you are the kind of person who worries about what will happen to your home and your family if the grid goes down (which is typical from time to time), then you will gain great peace of mind through making use of this system. Power outages will never be a problem again for you.

In short, if you want to make enormous cost savings, reduce your dependence on the national grid for power, and reduce your carbon footprint in the process due to using almost exclusively renewable energy, then this program is for you.

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Main Benefits of Using the DIY Home Energy System

Here are the main reasons why you should stand up and take notice of this system.


  • Long-Term Cost Savings

The average American household spends hundreds of dollars per year on their energy. Through using this system, you are going to be able to save up to 80% on all of your energy bills for the rest of your life. This is a considerable amount of money going back into your pocket.


  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

As 80% of your energy is going to be completely green and renewable from now on, this means that you are going to dramatically reduce your impact on the environment. This also means that your carbon footprint is going to decrease in turn and that you will be helping to sustain the planet.


  • Less Reliance on the Grid

Because you will be able to generate around 80% of all of your energy yourself thanks to your new DIY system, this means that when the grid goes down, you are still going to be able to power your home effectively.


  • Incredibly Low Upfront Costs

Other than the program costs of a little under $50, you are only going to be paying out a few hundred dollars for the components needed to build your energy system at the most. Considering that commercial wind and solar systems cost literally tens of thousands of dollars, this is pretty amazing.


  • Low Maintenance Costs

As the components required to build this system are incredibly cheap, this means that if any part of your system gets damaged, then you are not going to have to spend a lot to fix it. Not only is the system cheap to build, but it is also cheap to maintain.


  • Almost Anybody Can Build It

You are going to need a little more technical knowledge to be able to build this system than you would for some of the others out there, but ultimately, anybody with low to intermediate DIY skills and mechanical knowledge has what it takes to follow the advice provided by the program.


  • The DIY Home Energy System Money-Back Guarantee

The DIY Home Energy System comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning that you will get every penny of your $47 back if you are not completely satisfied with the product or if it does not provide you with the benefits that you expect.

To get your money back, all you need to do is head to the website and send an email using the details in the “contact us” section. From there, your refund will be processed quickly without any hassle.

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Pros and Cons of Using the DIY Home Energy System

Let’s take a look at the various pros and cons of using the DIY Home Energy System, starting with the pros:


  • Cheap

You will be paying a few hundred dollars at the most to access technology and benefits that usually cost tens of thousands.


  • Sustainable

The technology you are going to use is completely sustainable as it relies almost exclusively on the sun and wind to operate. This means that it will always be available.


  • Green

The energy you will be producing will not create any harmful emissions that damage the ozone layer. This means that your system is going to contribute towards sustaining the planet.


  • Easy to Build

Thanks to the incredibly well-designed guidance offered with the program, you will be able to build the system in a matter of days at the most, possibly even hours depending on your mechanical expertise.


  • Low Maintenance

Once in place, this system is cheap and easy to maintain. This is a breath of fresh air compared to other renewable energy systems that rely on assistance from engineers and maintenance and repair businesses to keep them running.


  • Universally Accessible

Absolutely anybody can make use of this system, meaning that once you have built it for yourself, you can even assist friends and family in achieving the same money-saving benefits that you have.


And now here are the cons:


  • You Will Need at Least Some Technical Knowledge to Be Able to Build It

Because this system involves building your own solar panels and wind turbines, it is a little more complicated than some of the other DIY energy system programs available. You will need to have at least a little knowledge to be able to safely and effectively follow the guidance offered.


  • You Will Have to Build It Yourself

As you have probably already guessed, your $47 is not going to buy you a pre-made home energy system that you can unpack and plug in. Instead, you are going to have to build the system yourself, which will take time and effort.


  • It Is Not Totally Grid-Free

The system still has to be wired into the grid, and you are still going to have to cover roughly $20 of your energy bills yourself. Still, this is also a positive because you will have two power resources at your disposal at all times in case anything ever goes wrong.

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DIY Home Energy System FAQ

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the DIY Home Energy System.


  1. What is the DIY Home Energy System scam? I have heard that this product does not work.

In reality, it is absolutely impossible for this product not to work provided you follow all of the guidance contained in the guide to the letter. Only those with virtually no technical knowledge whatsoever are likely to make a mistake when building the system, however.


  1. What components will I need to build the DIY Home Energy System?

You are going to need several widely available and cheap components in order to be able to build the DIY Home Energy System. These components include power inverters, wood, cabling, and the fixtures and fittings required to securely fasten everything in place.


  1. Is it easy to use the DIY Home Energy System?

Using the DIY Home Energy System requires a low to intermediate level of technical and mechanical knowledge. It is fair to say that if you possess this, then it is unlikely that you will find the program contents challenging. However, if your level of DIY skill and expertise is especially low, then you will likely need to enlist help in order to be able to make use of the program’s content.


  1. How much money will I save with the DIY Home Energy System?

On average, you will save around 80% of the total cost of all of your combined energy bills per month when using the DIY Energy System. Precisely how much this will be is going to vary, but based on a combined monthly utility bill of $200, you would save $160 per month, which is equivalent to $1,920 per year.

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Our aim today is to deliver the best of all the DIY Home Energy System reviews, and we hope that after reading through to the end, you are now a total believer in this all-encompassing DIY energy system just like thousands of other people.

The money that you are going to save in conjunction with the convenience of not having to rely exclusively on the grid makes the program asking price unquestionably worth it. Considering that the cost of having the same renewable energy technology installed commercially would be tens of thousands of dollars, purchasing the guide in order to build it at home is a bit of a no-brainer.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to achieve lifetime cost savings and almost total independence from the grid for your power, then download the program and start building your own DIY Home Energy System now.

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