Backyard Revolution Review

backyard revolution

Name: Backyard Revolution
Created by: Zack Bennett
Popularity: More than 10,000 people purchased the program
Rating: More than 90% pleased customers
Money-back guarantee: 60-day
How much it can save? About 60-65% of electric bills
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Regardless where you live in this world, power bills aren’t cheap. Consequently, the issue of high electricity bills has always been a major and daily concern for everybody. Do you have that concern? If yes, did you know you can install and run a homemade solar panel that minimizes your electricity cost? Are you wondering how possible that is?

Backyard Revolution brings you a glimmer of hope, as it keeps people’s power bills considerably low. With the backyard revolution plan fully working, users can slash their power bills by 60-65%. On top of that, it guarantees steady electricity. The project is part of the solar program that a 42-year-old carpenter and ex-engineer kicked off.

The inventor put his expertise into practice when he designed a solar panel system that sets itself apart from the rest. So, in this Backyard Revolution review, you will understand everything about the important project.


What is Backyard Revolution?

backyard revolution disc - backyard revolution review

Well, the Backyard Revolution is an online guide that helps you to develop your homemade solar panels using the zig-zag method. It is based on the principle of solar energy and how it can be used to generate electricity. Basically, it all started when some researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found out that the old solar panels wasted a lot of generated renewable energy. To add insult to injury, those old solar panels were also expensive and pretty costly to install.

According to these researchers, the energy gap explains the downsides (as mentioned above) of the technology. But then, Backyard Revolution introduced a paradigm shift. The lofty concept was launched as an instructional guide, in order to teach people how to build their solar panel systems within 4 hours.

With the Backyard Revolution solar system, you will follow a step-by-step zig-zag method to get it done in a couple of hours, thus saving more than half of the energy that could be possibly wasted. To make the process simple, there are pictures, shopping lists and diagrams included in the guideline.

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How It Works?

backyard revolution

As part of these Backyard Revolution reviews, it is critical you know what to expect. The program is an online video tutorial that walks you through step-by-step instructions on how you can build and install the system within 4 hours. Upon building it, you can install it in any part of your house.

Preferably, the solar panel has to be outside, where it can make direct contact with sunlight. More often than not, users install it in their garden. Given that the panels align with the sun, the weightless mirror has little or no effect on the system.

Technically, it combines tubes and miniature towers that are built to contain solar cells in a 3D setup. Based on the MIT report that says it can produce renewable energy 20 times more than the conventional solar modules, you can create and install the Backyard Revolution solar system for your domestic use. This process is straightforward and uses a clean energy source.

Because it is engineered with vertical surfaces, it is able to absorb a huge amount of solar energy. With this 3D solar technology, efficiency is seamlessly attained. The in-depth explanation of the entire process is described in the video tutorial, which is for sale. Indeed, Backyard Revolution plans are to revolutionize power generation and consumption all over the world.


About the Creator

Well, this innovative 3D solar technology is a brainchild of Zack Bennett, an experienced engineer. From the findings of the MIT research above, Zack carried out an extensive study to develop a Backyard Revolution solar device, that is capable of saving a massive amount of renewable energy for users. Also a carpenter from Orlando, USA, Zack had never imagined that he would nearly lose his life during a specific night.

Indeed, there was an unprecedented power outage in his neighborhood, which led to a total blackout. As a result, his home was invaded. When he spotted the thief, the carpenter courageously confronted him.

However, his wife stopped him from doing it for fear of being harmed. So, the only way out was to contact the police, but the grid was completely down. Miraculously, his daughter started crying, and the burglar fled. This is how the couple survived the ordeal. Later, the ex-engineer would feel disappointed because of the system failure.

Consequently, he began to think about how to avert the horrible experience from happening again. In the end, the solution just occurred to him – solar! Leveraging the MIT findings, he was able to come up with the technology.

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Good and Bad Sides of Using Backyard Revolution

backyard revolution

While we have spent some time dissecting the solution that this innovative technology brings aboard, no Backyard Revolution reviews will be complete without laying emphasis on the shortcomings of the technology. So, this part of the guide will highlight the benefits and failings of the 3D solar technology.


  • You are entitled to a refund within 2 months if the program falls below your expectations
  • And you will considerably reduce your energy consumption when you start using it
  • Also, it doesn’t require a large space to set it up as it covers about 10 sq. ft.
  • It works in every weather condition, even when it is cloudy
  • You can power lots of appliances in your home, including refrigerators and televisions
  • Indeed, it is capable of powering the entire home  
  • What’s more, the device is lightweight (in a digital format), meaning that you can take it anywhere
  • The technology is easy to learn and deploy, so you don’t need any pro to get it installed
  • It’s an eco-friendly power solution, which uses a renewable energy source
  • In addition, you will enjoy bonuses, such as Homestead EMP Protection Protocol, Energy Stockpiling Secrets and Homestead Alternative Energy Sources
  • You don’t need to be connected to the national grid when you have it in your home
  • It has zero maintenance fee
  • You can also watch the step-by-step online video, which means that it is easily accessible from anywhere in the world


  • If you skip a step, you will not achieve the desired result 
  • The initial installation cost is huge
  • You won’t be able to access the program without a strong, stable internet connection
  • It doesn’t have printed versions


Is Backyard Revolution a Scam?

In this Backyard Revolution review, it is critical that we mention the possibility of this project to be a scam because it gives many people serious concerns. Given that the benefits of the program appear too good to be true, some people often wonder if the system really works as intended.

Interestingly enough, some government agencies have even echoed that it is not real. From our findings, most of the people who label it fake are people who cannot afford it. Make no mistake, this great innovation is not a scam.

Today, many users have come forward to attest that they were able to save up to 65% of their power bills – thanks to the gadget. Fascinatedly enough, the masterpiece has saved people in the times of cyclone- and earthquake-induced blackouts. At the time of writing this article, over 10,000 people have deployed the system and can attest that it has helped to reduce their power bills.

Without a doubt, thousands of people have categorically stated that it is effective, and it is worth every penny spent on it. With that being said, you will get to read their testimonials in the next paragraphs. Afterward, you will realize that the Backyard Revolution scam scandal is just a figment of people’s imagination.

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Customers Opinions About Backyard Revolution

backyard revolution

Many detractors are working round the clock to frustrate the project by popularizing the so-called Backyard Revolution scam scandal. But are they really right? Here’s the thing: Over 10,000 persons are already using the technology. Now, we will quickly share some of their opinions below.

David Sullivan from Australia said that his colleague introduced the product to him for the very first time. Because it was a digital course, he was just so skeptical about it. However, his colleague encouraged him to give the system a try. Within 3 hours, he was done installing it. Afterward, his life changed as he realized that he didn’t have to spend so much on electricity anymore.

In response to the Backyard Revolution scam scandal, Admiral Thaddeus from Oklahoma, USA, said that when he told his spouse about how the project could potentially reduce their power bill, she couldn’t stop laughing at him, wondering how he could have fallen for such a cheap scam. But he noted that after installing the system, he was the one laughing at his wife, as the gadget was working as intended.


Overall Conclusion

backyard revolution

Wrapping up this article, it is safe to state that technology will continue to play a critical role in our everyday lives, both now and in the future. And the power sector will not be left out as there are clear indications that renewable energy sources will gradually replace fossil fuel.

Backyard Revolution is championing that cause of helping people develop their energy devices from the comfort of their homes, without getting professionals involved. Through the online instructional guide, everyday people can develop the system themselves. Based on the users’ testimonials from around the world, it is crystal clear that this efficient solar technology is not a scam.  

Are you worried sick that you are spending a huge amount on electricity bills? If yes, this technology offers you a unique opportunity to rewrite your narratives. Indeed, it’s time you stopped assuming that the cutting-edge technology is a scam. Just go ahead and order the online guide.

Afterward, you will be amazed on how you can develop your efficient solar panel all by yourself. The best part is that you can request your money back if the tutorial falls below your expectations. Looking at the bright side, don’t hesitate to share your experience with us when you go through the course and install the innovative solar system.

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