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Aside from being a convenient extra storage space for unused stuff, the attic is an integral part of one’s house. It absorbs direct heat from the house’s roof, and it is where most of the hot air from the rest of the house rises and stays. Once it becomes too hot in there, the heat radiates throughout the rest of the house.

According to studies, uninsulated and unventilated attics account for at least fifteen percent of the total energy loss per household on average. This is why the attic requires proper ventilation to eliminate these further losses. So, what can be done to solve this problem? The answer is an attic fan but not just any ordinary fan. A solar fan can actually do the trick. It is a fan that only uses the sun as its power source. How cool is that? So, if you are curious and want to know more, read on, and we might be able to help you find the best solar attic fan to suit your needs.

What Is a Solar Attic Fan?

Have you ever had to go up to your attic just to go back down as fast as you can? Understandably, you cannot stand being in there for too long because it is too hot. We have all had that experience before. It is a good thing that there is a product that can help with the heat—a solar powered ventilator! It is basically like an exhaust fan except that it does not have to be plugged into an electrical power source to function.

Unlike a regular exhaust fan that only sucks extra moisture out of a room, a solar fan replaces moisture and hot air with fresh, cold air from outside. This solar ventilating system is especially helpful on dry, sunny days when the heat can be unbearable inside the house. What is even better is that this fan only uses energy from the sun and converts it into electric energy, which means less money due on your electric utility bill.

How Does a Solar Attic Fan Work?

Just like every other solar powered device out there, a solar attic fan operates by collecting energy from the sun through the use of solar cells or photovoltaic panels. These panels absorb the sun’s energy, and the said energy is then converted into electricity, which powers up the fan. Simple, right?

It works like this; as the panels continuously collect solar energy to turn the fan on, the fan starts to rotate and pushes warm air out of the attic and exchanges it for cooler air from the outside. This process is extremely helpful during colder and warmer months. In summer when the heat can be unbearable, an air conditioner can become overworked as it tries to counteract the sweltering temperature.

In winter, moisture tends to set in and build up as the cold air outdoors meets the warmer temperature indoors. The issue with moisture is that it causes mold and mildew that can damage your home over time. But with the proper ventilation that an attic fan can provide, all these problems can be prevented by exchanging warm for cold air or vice versa whenever it is necessary.

How to Choose a Solar Attic Fan

It is a general rule of thumb to consider a few factors before making any purchase, and choosing a solar fan is not an exception to that. So, to help you decide what to purchase, below is a list of a few things that you should pay attention to before buying your first attic fan.


When it comes to buying things, more often than not, we tend to look for the branded options. We just cannot help it sometimes, but there is nothing wrong with that. If you are one of those people who want branded items made from quality materials, then some of the names to look for are Broan-NuTone, Natural Light, Amtrak, Rand, etc.


The fan is what brings cold or warm air to the attic, and it plays an integral part in the ventilation process. Without the fan, the energy that the solar cells absorb and produce will be put to no use. One thing to consider about the fan is its size, which will depend on the size of your attic and the type of roof that you have.


This factor refers to how flexible your solar powered attic fan is, although it specifically refers to the solar panels that come with it. Having an adjustable solar panel means you can move it around if it does not get as much exposure to the sun as is ideal. It is best to have one that can be adjusted so that it can be hit by direct sunlight.


This should perhaps be the topmost priority when choosing an attic fan. Nothing should be compromised when it comes to safety. When deciding on which product to buy, choose one that has a covering to make sure that dirt or small insects will not get inside the unit and damage it or cause erratic operation.


The maximum area that a solar fan can ventilate will usually depend on the attic’s actual size. It is best to have the exact measurements and size of your attic before purchasing the fan so that you will know if it can provide enough ventilation for the said space. This is to make sure that the unit will have the desired capability and efficiency.


Most of us appreciate things that are aesthetically pleasing. We often buy items that blend well with the overall look of our house or room. The design theme is one of the factors that reveal a person’s personality. Luckily with solar fans, there are plenty of designs, builds, and colors to choose from that can match the style of your home.


As much as possible, we want our fans to be as silent as possible. We do not want a fan to produce such loud noise that it can disrupt sleep or disturb others who prefer peace and quiet. Fans, in general, create a whirring sound as they rotate. We cannot really help this, but it should not be unbearably loud all the time. Therefore, always check the noise level before purchasing a fan.

Top 5 Best Solar Attic Fans

We know how tedious it can be to spend hours of your time going through hundreds of websites just to find the perfect item that suits your wants and needs. This is why we have saved you from this work and wrote this solar attic fans review to help you weigh your options and provide guidance so that you can decide which product is best for you!

5. Amtrak Solar’s Powerful 40-Watt Galvanized Steel New Upgraded 14 Solar Attic Fan


amtrak solar's powerful 40-watt galvanized steel new upgraded 14 solar attic fan - solar attic fan

Amtrak’s gable mounted fan is a great choice for those who have an existing gable vent or those who own greenhouses or RVs. This unit comes with a 14-inch fan housing plus a 10-inch high efficiency fan blade that is connected to a thermal protected fan motor. This sun powered fan is made in the USA and is guaranteed to last for at least thirty years.

Its 40-watt crystalline solar cell starts working as soon as it is hit by the sun’s rays, and the fan runs all day, every day. Another amazing thing about this particular solar attic gable fan is that the installation can be completed without the help of an electrician. That is how simple it is to install!


  • Solar panels that are made with high-quality polycrystalline
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty
  • Ventilation process that does not produce much noise
  • Powerful fan motor


  • Small in size
  • Wirings that might confuse people with regards to installation

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4. Broan-NuTone 345SOWW Surface Mount Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator


broan-nutone 345soww surface mount solar-powered attic ventilator - solar attic fan

This attic ventilator is made with a rugged, UV stabilized plastic housing that can surely withstand extreme weather conditions such as hail or a storm. This attic fan also features a 28-watt solar panel and starts working even at dawn and continues until sunset to ensure maximum solar charge. The panels are covered with tempered glass with stainless steel fasteners and steel brackets for added protection and stability.

It comes with a longer single-blade fan, which means higher cooling efficiency and larger coverage. To top it off, the solar panels are built with aluminum screens to keep small insects or bugs from having access to the inside of the unit. If you are looking for a product that is made with quality materials and built to last, then you might want to consider this fan.


  • Fast and easy installation process
  • Silent ventilation
  • Fan covers 537 cubic feet per minute
  • Made with durable materials such as aluminum and stainless steel


  • Must be specifically used on a shingle roof only

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3. ECO-WORTHY 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Gable Roof Vent Fan


eco-worthy 25w solar powered attic ventilator gable roof vent fan - solar attic fan

Eco-Worthy’s 12.7 by 4.9-inch solar fan is something you might want to consider buying if you are looking for a versatile but functional ventilator. It can be used for your home, RV, shed, garage, or even outdoors. It comes with a 25-watt solar fan, a 30-watt bendable photovoltaic cell, and a 16-inch solar cable. Its coverage can reach up to 2000 cubic feet per minute with noiseless performance. The solar cable is pre-installed, so the fixture can be set up in a breeze.

Are you worried about overcast weather? Unlike other solar attic fans, this one can run efficiently and continuously even on cloudy days. If you are seeking efficiency and great value for your money, this solar fan might just be what you are looking for.


  • Foldable solar panel
  • Can be fitted on the roof or on the ground
  • Has an upgraded motor that extends its lifespan to twice as long
  • Provides larger coverage


  • Does not have a place to plug in a thermostat

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2. Remington 30-Watt Solar Attic Fan (Black) with Thermostat/Humidistat


remington 30-watt solar attic fan (black) with thermostat/humidistat - solar attic fan

Are you trying to find an attic fan that can greatly improve proper temperature and ventilation for your attic and your entire house as well? Check out Remington’s solar attic fan that not only provides an efficient ventilation system but can also dramatically reduce your electric bill by preventing your air conditioner from working too much.

What is awesome about this 22 by 22 by 11-inch solar fan is that it has a built-in thermostat and humidistat that instantly change the quality of airflow based on the temperature or humidity in the room. How cool is that? In addition, it features a brushless motor, so it is guaranteed to work silently as it ventilates up to 1550 CFM. And if that is not enough, Remington offers a finite lifetime warranty for the fan. How convenient!


  • Built-in thermostat and humidistat
  • Ventilation can reach up to 2500 square feet
  • Quiet operation
  • 30-day return policy


  • On the pricier side

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1. Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 36-Watt


natural light solar attic fan 36-watt - solar attic fan

After careful consideration, we have decided to name Natural Light’s product as the top solar attic fan on our list. This solar fan is made in the USA with the highest quality materials and is recommended by most builders anywhere. Some of its cool features are the optional detachable thermostat, which is very useful during colder weather, and an installation process that does not require any wiring. Its DC motor is connected to a 36-watt solar panel.

The panels themselves are adjustable and can go from flat to a tilted 45-degree angle. Its ventilation coverage can reach up to 1628 cubic feet per meter. The product dimensions are 27.25 by 27.25 by 11.5 inches, and it weighs in at 29.5 pounds. The overall build is made with quality materials such as aluminum, glass, and stainless steel, which are guaranteed to last for a long time.


  • Comes with a 25-year finite warranty for the complete unit
  • Easy no-wiring-required installation
  • Highly recommended by professional builders
  • Adjustable solar panel
  • Includes option to add thermostat and fire safety switches


  • Not for flat roofs or side wall mounting

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Pros and Cons of Solar Attic Fans

It is always best to properly manage one’s expectations when purchasing any kind of product. We should expect that as much as there are great advantages, there are also a few cons with every item we buy, no matter what it is used for. Let us provide you some insights on the pros as well as the cons of sun powered fans so that you will know what you are going to get in case you decide to buy one for yourself.


  • Does not harm the environment

We have already inflicted so much damage to our environment that it is almost impossible to repair it completely. But by going green, there is still hope that we can make a significant positive impact on the rehabilitation of the environment. This is a great way to contribute to this goal by choosing solar powered devices such as a solar attic fan over electronically motorized ones.

  • Cost-effective

Overall, the use of a solar attic fan can result in lower electric bills. It is because the device does not require electricity from your house to function. With solar ventilators, you can expect to use air conditioning at a lower rate since the fans can control the airflow within the house.

  • Provides protection for your roof and entire home

Without proper ventilation, constant and extreme heat can definitely cause irreversible damage to your roof in the long run. Aside from the heat, mold or mildew can also lead to damage when moisture is not controlled. With the help of attic fans, both cool and warm air can flow through whenever necessary.

  • Quiet but efficient operation

Almost all solar fans do not involve power-hungry motors or mechanisms to operate, so you can expect them to work as they should without the annoying mechanical sounds that can disturb or disrupt your sleep. Also, since the solar fans rely only on solar energy, they will work best during summer when the sun is at its peak brightness.


  • Initial costs can be pricey

This is due to the fact that the materials used to build the solar panels are not cheap. Do realize that you can save more money in the long run with solar power. 

  • Solely reliant on the sun

This might cause the fan’s operation to be disrupted when there is not enough charge due to storms and winter weather. It will not be an issue in the vast majority of locations. 

  • May not have as much power as traditional equipment

Since the unit only has a limited time to charge during sunny hours, it may not be able to produce as much power as standard electrical systems. This is not typically a problem.


If you live in an area where it is often warm and you are tired of having an extremely hot attic all the time, then getting a solar attic fan is a great option for you. The solar fan exchanging the usual hot and humid air from inside your home for breezy, cool air can be quite a relief.

Not only can it provide you daily comfort, it can also help you save some money over the next few years! In addition to that, there is the accomplishment of being able to help save Mother Earth by reducing fossil fuel consumption and emissions. So, if you have a few dollars to spare, why not consider getting a solar attic fan to experience what a huge difference it can make?

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